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Fuck book Review for 2015

There are so many things that I can say about Fuckbook.net, and many people have posed the question “is Fuckbook legit” –  so I decided to really spend a lot of time on this fuckbook review.

First of all, I had to find the right one because there are a couple of domain names that are very similar. Once I found the right domain name, I was happy that I kept up with it. The women on this site are gorgeous and were ready to give me just what I wanted, sex. That’s why I signed up for it and that is just what I got.  Many people doubt this website and ask me, is fuckbook real?   That answer is yes, and this is a review of my experience at Fuck book.

My experience with the site has been amazing so far. Beautiful women that aren’t afraid of having good, hot sweaty sex (I call it Fuckbook sex) and don’t mind taking control when they need to. The site was easy to use and how hard can it really be to bag a woman that is giving away good sex?

Many people have asked me “is Fuck book real?”  

Hells yes.  I have scored many women there.  While there is no question there are shady characters creating profiles to siphon emails and build lists, the majority of my communication has been with REAL WOMEN.

Fuckbook Guarantee Sex

The Fuckbook Setup

Logging into the site took a few minutes. I created my profile and all that as usual. I actually laid out the steps below to show you how easy it was. I type fast so it only took a few minutes and once I was in, I don’t think I got off my pc for HOURS. I didn’t know where to start with my quest for good sex. These women were gorgeous and didn’t mind letting me know. At first I was a little leery of seeing so many hot women. I thought at least some of them would look like a troll in real life. The women that I hooked up with (and there have been quite a few) actually looked like their profile pics. Amazing.

It took a moment to start sending out emails and contacting the hotties but once I got started, it was easy as hell. With the right combination of a smooth introduction, a little banter and a date to meet, good sex was a guarantee for me. I don’t’ know what the hell the other men are doing on this site but if they aren’t getting any it’s because they are completely lame.

My Dating Profile and Results

When I set up my dating profile, I almost did the same thing that other men did and set up a bunch of lame photos. Me in the Hawaiian print shirt with a cocktail. My cock in hand, soft and hard for variety. Me with a chick that shall remain faceless and all that. Then I thought, “How the hell is THAT going to get me laid?” So, I took a couple of good pics and set them up. I look clean, decent and professional and it worked almost immediately. I started getting messages before I started sending them out. I guess women are tired of seeing what I almost posted.

When I started sending out messages and emails, I didn’t have to think of clever lines and comments. I really didn’t. Again, I didn’t want to seem like all the rest or like I was obviously trolling for easy sex. I started out with genuine compliments about each of the hot chicks I saw and opened the conversation. It’s not the same thing as dating websites where you have to send ENDLESS messages before arranging a date.

My formula was this:

1. Send an initial compliment and nothing else.

2. After she responds, ask her to meet up for drinks or dinner (depending on how hot she really is).

3. Send another compliment and slight conversation until the date. When the day of the hook-up comes, spit game until I get what I want.

The best part about this site is that I don’t really have to spit a lot of game to these women because they want what I want. Sex.

When I set up my profile, I got viewed and approached within days of setting up. I was chatted up by some really cool girls and others I had to lose really quickly. That’s just the way it is. I’m not on the site to find my soul-mate. I’m here to get laid so I don’t do the “what are your interests” messages beyond setting up a time for a face to face meeting. If I can’t get set up a time to hang out fairly quickly, I don’t want to be bothered. The best thing about fuck book is that the women have the same mentality.

The Pro’s and Con’s of this Site

The biggest pet peeve that I have about this site is the security. When I searched up and down for this website, I almost didn’t sign up for it. There is a warning that comes up that the site isn’t safe and I hate doing things like that. I was curious about how much sex I could get into with the site so I proceeded anyway. I’m glad I did but that warning really needs to be addressed.

Everything else was simple.

Fuck book Conclusion

All in all, I liked the site. I had fun playing with the site. Hell, just looking at some of the pictures women put up in their profile were hot enough to masturbate with. These women know what they want and don’t care about putting it out there. I appreciate that.

I was an active member of the site for about 4 months and had really good success. I found 15 women that I wanted to hook up with and set up arrangements with 13. Everything went smoothly with 10 of the women and 2 I turned down because they wanted some things I just wasn’t into. One just wanted a good laugh and quick date to make her ex jealous (she paid so I was good with being used like that). The experiences were good and I enjoyed myself.

When I hear people talking about a quick online hook up, I think of Fuck book. It lives up to its name if you know how to talk to women and give them what they want. If you don’t, you will get frustrated. For those that want something more please go elsewhere because this is NOT the site for sentimental connections. The name says it all…But I will say that it’s one of the best sex dating sites for getting laid!

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Frequently asked questions about this dating website for adults:

-What are some sites like fuckbook?

Here are the other sites I’ve had the most success with in order of how much I’ve enjoyed them.

*SocialSex.com – this one is quickly becoming a favorite of mine.  Their member database is rapidly expanding and it’s quickly becoming one of the best sites to meet for quick flings.

*Cougarlife – that’s in case you like older women – and there are PLENTY of them on this site.

-Free fuckbook account?

When you look for “free dating sites,” there are a few that will come up.  But I warn – do you really want to waste your time chasing people who joined for free?  These people aren’t serious about anything.  They are posers, testing the market, with one foot in and nothing to lose.  I always prefer to use paid accounts, this way I know the people on the end of the line are serious about their commitment to meeting other people.  I like genuinely enthused people who want to meet. I’m not into time wasters.

-Fuckbook login problems – what do I do if I lose my login?

Simply request a password reset on this page.

– Can you share some of your best fuckbook pics?

I’m afraid that while I may be a man on a mission doing my thing, trying to get the occasional hook up, I do respect privacy.  So I’m not going to expose anyone’s personal pics and profile photos here.  If you join, you’ll have PLENTY of great pics you can use for, well, whatever it is you are looking to use them for.

– What’s the sign up process like?

I’ve provided screenshots and steps of the entire signup process for you right here. It’s rather simple really, check it out. After filling out the first box that pops up where I chose what type of person I was looking for here’s what I did and what you should do as well if you want to join.

1)  Enter your email address and click continue.

fuckbook signup process step 1

2) Create a basic profile headline. It must be at least 3 words. I suggest using 5.

fuckbook step 2 signup

3) Log into your email account and verify your account to finalize the activation process.

fuckbook verify your email

4) Once you’ve activated your account. You’ll immediately be redirected to a page where you’ll need to take two minutes to fill out your basic dating profile. This is a two page process is really quick to complete.

fuckbook Fill out your profile

5) Once you’ve finished filling out your profile, you’ll then be directed to the members area section.

Fuck Book Members Area

6) If you want full access and a solid chance to get laid, I’d suggest upgrading right away. You’ll be prompted with six different options to choose from. I went for the gold monthly option.

Fuckbook Upgrade options


7) You’ll need to enter your payment information. I suggest joining using a credit card. All you need to do is enter the information and click the submit button. Once your payment is processed, it will be done so very discreetly with a charge on your credit card statement from “Kamparri Tra”. The payment will be processed through CCBill.com and there’s a support link in the members area once you’ve joined the site if you need any help or have questions. I’m pretty sure you won’t have any though. It’s fairly simple.

fuckbook billing info


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